15 Beautiful Celebrity Paintings By Aemerican Artist Sebastin Kruger

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Celebrity Paintings By Sebastin Kruger

Celebrity Paintings : Sebastin Kruger is an American artist from Hanover who studied Graphic arts and Paintings at the Braunschweig University in the early 1980s. He entered the professional art world where his iconic 'personality portraits' continue to enthral famous collectors and people from across the world. Sebastin Kruger treats his subjects with a great level of respect and sincerity which exaggerates their facial features. He is a master in creating celebrity caricatures. Sebastin Kruger says in his blog, “ Everything is in transition, that’s all”. In this post we have included 15 Realistic Celebrity Paintings by Sebastin Kruger.

celebrity paintings sebastian 1
Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 1celebrity paintings sebastian 1Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 2celebrity paintings sebastian 2Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 3celebrity paintings sebastian 3Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 4celebrity paintings sebastian 4Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 5celebrity paintings sebastian 5 Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 6celebrity paintings sebastian 6Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 7celebrity paintings sebastian 7Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 8celebrity paintings sebastian 8Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 9celebrity paintings sebastian 9Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 10celebrity paintings sebastian 10Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 11celebrity paintings sebastian 11Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 12celebrity paintings sebastian 12Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 13celebrity paintings sebastian 13Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 14celebrity paintings sebastian 14Celebrity Paintings Sebastian 15celebrity paintings sebastian 15 Share - Add Comment

Artist Link: Know more about Sebastian Kr├╝ger

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