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Landscape Paintings : The artist quotes “I have always had two fundamental interests in life; art and meditation, both of then intimately related” His passion for these interests manifest into some jaw dropping paintings of surreal landscapes. Tomás Sánchez is an avid landscape painter and an engraver. His contribution to printmaking, sculpting and photography is also well known and received. Other than capturing landscapes on his canvas,... Share

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Contemporary Paintings : Hailing from central Victoria, Richard Baxter is an Australian artist known for creating visually and spiritually rich paintings. His work spans for more than 30 years. He is also a highly accomplished photographer. The entire world over, he holds many exhibitions for his contemporary art. Here we have compiled some of his works, which are vivid in color and have deep spiritual meanings. Leave pragmatism and pay attention to the hidden... Share

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Oil Paintings : Chunya Bai is an award winning artist from China. Several of his works have been published. Here are 12 of his amazing paintings which stand out for their eye catching colours and crispiness. They are a mix of both traditional and modern. The artist won the "Excellent Award" at the Baoding-Macau Communicating Exhibition in 2001. As one moves from one painting to the other, one will notice a story in each one of them. Simple yet... Share

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