Abdul kalam pencil drawing by jay salian175

Abdul kalam pencil drawing by jay salian abdul kalam pencil drawingClick to See Larger Image

Jay Salian is an Indian artist who lives and works in Mumbai, India. Both his black/ white pencil drawings and color pencil drawings is a visual treat to the eyes. This artist has captured the emotions, light effects on the faces so beautifully, which makes you want more from the artist. Jay Salian takes on commission work and his pencil drawings became popular on the social media sites. Keep up the goodwork Jay and we are proud to have you in the art world. Jay Salian considers himself as an artist, mentor and an animator. So if you are interested in learning his technique, feel free to contact him on his facebook page. Have fun scrolling the amazing sketches done by Jay Salian, share them with your friends if you liked this post. Come back for more such amazing and entertaining stuff.


Author Name: JAY SALIAN


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