15 Funny And Imaginative Animal Drawings By Ricardo Solis

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Animal Drawings

Animal Drawings : Little did we know that the animals around us are built by little humans, or that is the idea the artist wanted to us imagine. Ricardo Solis was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts and has participated in major exhibitions worldwide. He has always been attracted to art and nature and now as a professional artist, captures the same in his work. Only someone with a great sense of humor and imagination can pull off something like this. Here are fifteen of his illustrations of animal being created by little humans. They are funny and highly creative at the same. Scroll down to enjoy more of Ricardo's Animal drawings.

Zebra Illustration Ricardo Solis zebra illustration ricardo solis Flamingo Illustration Ricardo Solis flamingo illustration ricardo solis Spider Illustration Ricardo Solis spider illustration ricardo solis Blueberry Frog Illustration Ricardo Solis blueberry frog illustration ricardo solis Owl Illustration Ricardo Solis owl illustration ricardo solis Hippo Illustration Ricardo Solis hippo illustration ricardo solis Hummingbird Illustration Ricardo Solis hummingbird illustration ricardo solis Goldfish Illustration Ricardo Solis goldfish illustration ricardo solis Armadillo Illustration Ricardo Solis armadillo illustration ricardo solis Elephant Illustration Ricardo Solis elephant illustration ricardo solis Rhino Illustration Ricardo Solis rhino illustration ricardo solis Crab Illustration Ricardo Solis crab illustration ricardo solis Giraffe Illustration Ricardo Solis giraffe illustration ricardo solis Stork Illustration Ricardo Solis stork illustration ricardo solis Cheetah Illustration Ricardo Solis cheetah illustration ricardo solis Share - Add Comment

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