15 Beautiful Artworks By Lidia Wylangowska

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Artworks By Lidia Wylangowska

Beautiful Artworks : Here are 15 oil paintings that take your breath away. Lidia Wylangowska, the artist behind these magical Artworks says that they are “Doors that lead me to my own world of peace and harmony”. Each of these paintings appears like they have a life of their own, with vivid details which engulf viewers. The paintings inspire one to go beyond what one sees and use the other senses, while they leave you awestruck with beauty which is as simple as they are magnificent. Lidia works from her workshop in Illinois, and holds regular exhibitions at the Polish Museum of America, Chicago.

angel oil painting lidia
Angel Oil Painting Lidiaangel oil painting lidiaCaller Oil Painting Lidiacaller oil painting lidiaCouple Oil Painting Lidiacouple oil painting lidiaDancer Oil Painting Lidiadancer oil painting lidiaDoctor Oil Painting Lidiadoctor oil painting lidia Friends Oil Painting Lidiafriends oil painting lidiaGirl Oil Painting Lidiagirl oil painting lidiaGuitar Oil Painting Lidiaguitar oil painting lidiaKey Lady Oil Painting Lidiakey lady oil painting lidiaLeaves Oil Painting Lidialeaves oil painting lidiaLittle Girl Oil Painting Lidialittle girl oil painting lidiaMan Oil Painting Lidiaman oil painting lidiaNew Born Oil Painting Lidianew born oil painting lidiaReflection Oil Painting Lidiareflection oil painting lidiaFruits Oil Painting Lidiafruits oil painting lidia Share - Add Comment

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