15 Vibrant And Beautiful Paintings By Emma Sheldrake

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Beautiful Paintings By Emma Sheldrake

Beautiful Paintings : Mischief, pop art and the subtle blend of eroticism, that’s her style. Emma Sheldrake’s oil paintings are as bold as they are beautiful pieces of fine art. They blur the fine line between modern and traditional. For Emma, “Painting is like working with the elements – like fire and water – all at once”. Known for her bold colour combinations, daring brush strokes and engaging eyes, her paintings seduce the onlooker. Emma’s work reflects her passion and energy for liberation. Given her talent, she is in constant demand for the way in which she captures each individual in a modern and out of the ordinary manner. i hope you will enjoy 15 Beautiful and Vibrant Paintings by Emma Sheldrake.

blue tears girl painting emma sheldrake
Blue Tears Girl Painting Emma Sheldrakeblue tears girl painting emma sheldrakePool Lady Painting Emma Sheldrakepool lady painting emma sheldrakeMasked Girl Painting Emma Sheldrakemasked girl painting emma sheldrakeKid Painting Emma Sheldrakekid painting emma sheldrakeMadonna Portrait Painting Emma Sheldrakemadonna portrait painting emma sheldrake Zebra And Macau Painting Emma Sheldrakezebra and macau painting emma sheldrakeButterfly Skull Painting Emma Sheldrakebutterfly skull painting emma sheldrakePeacock Painting Emma Sheldrakepeacock painting emma sheldrakeJapanese Lady Painting Emma Sheldrakejapanese lady painting emma sheldrakeAmy Winehouse Painting Emma Sheldrakeamy winehouse painting emma sheldrakeGirl Abstract Painting Emma Sheldrakegirl abstract painting emma sheldrakeDrinking Girl Painting Emma Sheldrakedrinking girl painting emma sheldrakeGreen Eyed Girl Emma Sheldrakegreen eyed girl emma sheldrakeSmoking Girl Painting Emma Sheldrakesmoking girl painting emma sheldrakeGirl Painting Emma Sheldrakegirl painting emma sheldrake Share - Add Comment

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