20 Funny Caricatures Around The World For Your Inspiration

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Funny Caricatures are usually funny cartoons of people. It can be used for political or for entertainment purposes. Sometimes stories are created using caricatures which conveys a funny story. Caricatures are more like portraits of people, but with some distortions to the pictures or rather funny distortions. There are many free softwares available online to create Funny Caricatures instantly, some of the softwares may require some free registrations or you can download the free softwares and create funny caricatures to impress your friends. You will be amazed to see the different variations you apply to a single photo to make it look funny. In this post we have added 20 Amazing and funny Caricatures for your inspiration.

Man caricature by machete man caricature by machete

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20 Funny Caricatures around the world for your inspiration
20 Creative and Funny Celebrity Caricature Drawings for your inspiration

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