25 Beautiful Chalk Drawings From Around The World

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Chalk Drawings

Chalk drawings: Since wet chalk can be used on almost all surfaces, artists can create mind boggling 3D chalk drawings on sidewalks, pavements or even walls. In this post we have included 50 Bind Blowing 3D chalk drawings from artists around the world for your inspiration. These 3D chalk drawings are hyper realistic in nature and one cannot take their eyes off them. I’m sure we all would have scribbled on the black boards with chalk and even tried eating them, but can you imagine amazing illusions which can be created using a simple piece of chalk. Have fun exploring our amazing collection of chalk drawings.

Chalk drawings - 7 chalk drawings -  7
Chalk drawings - 11 chalk drawings -  11
Chalk drawings - 17 chalk drawings -  17
Chalk drawings - 18 chalk drawings -  18
Chalk drawings - 6 chalk drawings -  6

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