Color pencil drawings: Kryste Missildine is an amazing artist from Alabama. She is particularly fond of animals and nature. She creates these beautiful animal drawings out of color pencils and charcoals. According to her bio, "My wish is to provide all families with a beautiful work of art that honors and memorializes their pets or loved ones, and reflects the unconditional bond that they share". Apart from color pencils she also uses these supplies like...
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Colored pencil drawings: Kelly Lahar is a specialist in Pet pencil drawings. According to her biography,"I strive to capture the unique character of your pets or family members because I know how special they are to you. Portraits are hand drawn using only the highest quality materials. Using my skill to portray all types of pets and people, it is my mission to work with you to create a keepsake that you will love and cherish for years to come.I mix a variety...
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Color pencil drawings: Jay Salian is an Indian artist who lives and works in Mumbai, India. Both his black/ white pencil drawings and color pencil drawings is a visual treat to the eyes. This artist has captured the emotions, light effects on the faces so beautifully, which makes you want more from the artist. Jay Salian takes on commission work and his pencil drawings became popular on the social media sites. Keep up the goodwork Jay and we are proud to have you...
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Scarf Art design: People are always thrilled to see the majestic birds like eagles, owl etc when they spread their wings and fly above the clear blue sky. I am sure you would like to touch those beautiful wings atleast once in your lifetime. Artist Roza Khamitova makes it possible through her mind blowing scarf art. They look so realistic, that the wearer feels like a bird. Roza has said in her blog,” My vision is to design unique pieces that are not only...
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