15 Funny Drawings And Illustrations By Russian Artist Oleg Gert


Funny Drawings By Oleg Gert

Drawings: Oleg Gert is an illustrator from Russia. He has a keen interest in the modern society and its lifestyle trends and as a talented man with almost endless imagination this is reflected in his drawings. He gets his inspiration from cartoons of the 30s and adds his own signature touch to them. His drawings are a play of vivid colors and are full of minute details, which make them all the more pleasing to the eyes. Here are 15 of his awesome pieces which will leave you asking for more. On the artist’s website, one can find all of his works and can even order for a personalized illustration. Scroll through and have your mind blown with these detailed drawings 

Popeye Drawing Oleg Gert popeye drawing oleg gert Cat Selfie Drawing Oleg Gert cat selfie drawing oleg gert Yoga Drawing Oleg Gert yoga drawing oleg gert Couple Cycle Drawing Oleg Gert couple cycle drawing oleg gert Bird Fish Drawing Oleg Gert bird fish drawing oleg gert Pigeon Skull Drawing Oleg Gert pigeon skull drawing oleg gert Singing Bird Drawing Oleg Gert singing bird drawing oleg gert Darth Vader Sheep Drawing Oleg Gert darth vader sheep drawing oleg gert Dog Family Drawing Oleg Gert dog family drawing oleg gert Flying Fish Drawing Oleg Gert flying fish drawing oleg gert Santa Drawing Oleg Gert santa drawing oleg gert Cat Drawing Oleg Gert cat drawing oleg gert Bird Snake Drawing Oleg Gert bird snake drawing oleg gert Star Wars Drawing Oleg Gert star wars drawing oleg gert Businessman Pig Drawing Oleg Gert businessman pig drawing oleg gert

Artist Link: Know more about Oleg Gert

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