15 Beautiful Garden Sculptures From Botanical Gardens - Atlanta


Garden Sculptures

Garden Sculptures: Atlanta Botanical Garden is famous for its amazing garden sculptures like the earth goddess which is like 25 ft, large snakes, butterflies, horses and unicorns. Yes you read it right, there is a garden sculpture of the unicorn with amazing moss and plants created using the chicken mesh wires. It’s a laborious task to fill in the moss and keep the plants well watered to ensure they keep sprouting. In this post we have included some pictures of the garden sculptures from Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

4 garden sculpture 4 garden sculpture13 garden sculpture 13 garden sculptureLady crane garden sculptures - 12 lady crane garden sculptures -  12Cobra garden sculptures - 5 cobra garden sculptures -  5 Insect garden sculptures - 11 insect garden sculptures -  112 garden sculpture 2 garden sculpture1 garden sculpture 1 garden sculpture16 garden sculpture 16 garden sculpture3 garden sculpture 3 garden sculpture19 garden sculpture 19 garden sculpture8 garden sculpture 8 garden sculpture9 garden sculpture 9 garden sculpture14 garden sculpture 14 garden sculptureButterfly garden sculptures - 3 butterfly garden sculptures -  3Frog garden sculptures - 8 frog garden sculptures -  8Duck garden sculptures - 6 duck garden sculptures -  6Plant bird garden sculptures - 17 plant bird garden sculptures -  17Lady garden sculptures - 13 lady garden sculptures -  13Horse garden sculptures - 10 horse garden sculptures -  10Fish garden sculptures - 7 fish garden sculptures -  7


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