Andy Goldsworthy is quite popular for his documentary style photography. He is a British sculptor and photographer and was born on 26/July/1956. He is Britian's renowned photographers, known for his exemplary style of photography techniques. Most of his photography is nature ridden and he creates sculptures related to the natural surroundings. He currently lives and works from Scotland. He graduated from the University of Central Lancashire. He is quite popular...
If you enjoy playing with paper, then check out this Quilling Art works (or Paper Filigree). Sean Runa works magic on paper, she transforms thin strips of paper into birds, insects, flowers and more. There is no limit for quilling art, just let your creative imagination flow and yes make some blunders too, you may end up with unique art. We absolutely love her typography art using quilling, seriously you need a pretty good eyesight and really knack in handling...
Street artworks: According to Graham Fink's website,"British artist Graham Fink is recognised as one of the world’s most respected, and highly awarded, creative minds. Fink is a multimedia practitioner working in photography, film, painting, drawing and technology". He has won several awards like Cannes Grand Prix (2012) and also 4 BAFTA awards which are highly recognized. He currently lives in China. There was a time, he wanted to join the Navy...
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Paper Art works by Eiko Ojala: Eiko Ojala is an Estonian artist who creates these beautiful paper artworks which are so brilliantly done. He creates beautiful landscapes, cartoon figures, portraits using paper cut patterns and digital editing. Eiko Ojala uses real shadows and false shadows to create 3D paper art. Eiko Ojala was born in 1982 in Tallinn, Estonia. He holds a degree in interior design. His paper artworks are so colorful, vibrant and so full of fun. His...
3D Street Art by Joe and Max : Joe and Max is a studio formed by professional street artist Max Lowry and Joe Hill, creating creating giant optical illusive pavement and chalk art using using chalk, paint and their creative ideas. Unfortunately, one of the artists Max was killed in a tragic attack that took place 4 years ago. Joe continues their shared legacy and traveled almost all over the world and created all the spectacular 3D Street Art by Joe and...
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DIY ART: DIY is the art of creating craft works without the help of professional experts. Sometimes you just need simple things which goes a long way into creating great artworks. Do you have a love for colorful bracelets, well all that you will need are some charms, some strong wire and colorful silk thread and of course some glue. With just minimal items, you can have your own funky bracelets and I'm sure you will be thrilled by surprising your friends with...
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3D Drawings: Stephan Moity is a self taught talented 3D artist from Paris. He creates beautiful 3D and Slant art or otherwise known as anamorphic drawings. His 3D drawings are so realistic and very well detailed, that sometimes you may feel that you are staring at the real person. You can literally feel the characters jump off the paper. His digital art mostly consists of day to day things like animals, pop culture and animation characters. He mostly uses graphite...
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Street Art: Seth Globepainter is french street artist and his original name is Julien Malland. His street art is very bubbly and full of colors, he mostly draws of children on old unused buildings or walls. His street art is found in many parts of the world and because of his colors, it gives a new look to the otherwise boring old walls. Serh Globepainter was born in Paris and he started his street art from the 90's. He has also written and published two books...
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Saree mural paintings is the latest trend amongst fashionistas. Solid color sarees are given a new twist with these amazing stories which focuses on indian mythology and culture. The saree mural paintings depends on the origin of the artist. If the artist is from Kerala, then you can see various dances forms like Kathakali adorning the sarees and the mural paintings are set on a beige background. The beige background, infact helps portray the subjects in a...
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Street Art by Fintan Magee: Fintan Magee is an australian street artist who is quite popular for his street art works in Queensland and also in New South Wales.Fintan Magee graduated in Bacehlor of fine arts from Griffith University in 2009. From 2011 he has conducted solo exhibitions which have given him a lot of popularity. He currently resides in Sydney and also owns a gallery. His street work has received several awards and recognitions and also been mentioned...
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