20 Beautiful And Realistic Paintings By Kerala Artist Rajasekharan

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Paintings By Kerala Artist Rajasekharan

Kerala Artist Rajasekharan Parameswaran was born in 1964 and he is portrait painter and well established art film director from Trivandrum. He love to create realistic portrait kerala painting of important celebrities and likes to show different emotions through his oil paintings. He has won many awards in the guiness and limca records for the biggest easel painting. We have included some of his best realistic oil paintings for your inspiration.

kerala painting rajasekaran_0
Kerala Painting Rajasekaran_0kerala painting rajasekaran_0Self Portrait Kerala Painting Rajasekharanself portrait kerala painting rajasekharanMallu Girl Kerala Painting Rajasekharanmallu girl kerala painting rajasekharanSajitha Kerala Painting Rajasekharansajitha kerala painting rajasekharanLady Kerala Painting Rajasekharanlady kerala painting rajasekharan Sunita Kerala Paintings Rajasekharansunita kerala paintings rajasekharanTerasa Kerala Painting Rajasekharanterasa kerala painting rajasekharanVeera Kerala Painting Rajasekharanveera kerala painting rajasekharanGandhi Kerala Painting Rajasekharangandhi kerala painting rajasekharanAdoor Kerala Painting Rajasekharanadoor kerala painting rajasekharanFemale Kerala Painting Rajasekharanfemale kerala painting rajasekharanFemale Portrait Kerala Painting Rajasekharanfemale portrait kerala painting rajasekharanRealistic Female Kerala Painting Rajasekharanrealistic female kerala painting rajasekharanManmtha Kerala Painting Rajasekharanmanmtha kerala painting rajasekharanSamira Kerala Painting Rajasekharansamira kerala painting rajasekharanFamous Personality Kerala Painting Rajasekharanfamous personality kerala painting rajasekharanClinton Kerala Painting Rajasekharanclinton kerala painting rajasekharanSashi Kerala Painting Rajasekaran_0sashi kerala painting rajasekaran_0Rahul Kerala Painting Rajasekaran_0rahul kerala painting rajasekaran_0 Share - Add Comment

Artist Link: Know more about Rajasekharan Parameswaran

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