Knife Painting MELTING SKY by Sonjaye Maurya

Knife Painting MELTING SKY by Sonjaye Maurya knife painting melting skyClick to See Larger Image

Knife Painting
Texture White and Gouache on Board
21.00 x 25.75 Inches
October 2015
We develop cities, roads, bridges and infrastructure without giving thought to the law of nature. To pave way to concrete jungle we keep uprooting trees and mountains and shake the balance of the eco-system. Earth’s most important element, open soil, maintains actions-reactions taking deep within the crust of earth. Our unmindful over exploitation, pollution, scattering of junk and debris tampers with this important element. A day will arrive when all this will explode in our face in the form of natural calamities.
‘MELTING SKY’ captures the anguish of Mother Nature as she faces the disregard of humans who in the name of modernization create havoc on earth. It depicts the exploding sky, shattered and pouring down with Mother Earth writhing in pain and despair.


Author Name: Sonjaye Maurya


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