9th Chalk Art Festival 2017 - 18 March 2017 at Florida


It's the 9th edition of Chalk Art festival and it's all scdeuled to happen March 18th - 19th, 2017. It's open to all age groups and it's free entry. If you want to participate in the chalk art festival or become a sponsor you can contact them through email. The streets in downtown safety harbor is all set to be colored with chalk art, until the rains wash them away. According to the event, "Escape to beautiful Safety Harbor for a magical experience in art. Stroll quaint Main Street, view historical landmarks, shop eclectic boutiques and enjoy the area’s finest restaurants as you watch local, national and international artists create sidewalk art that is as real as Picasso & Rembrandt. Proceeds from Bloom N Art N Chalk Fest benefit Safety Harbor Regional Museum fund local art projects and scholarships".

Categories for the Chalk Art:

  • Wild Things
  • Under The seas
  • Most Likely to hang in the mueseums
  • Mother and Child / Man's best friend
  • People's choice
  • Blooming Things

The categories are usually set by the artists and they tend to change every year based on the imagination and creativity of the artists.

You can contact Bobbie Wheeler or Stacy Schulstrom Roth for further information:
Bobbie@bloomnchalkfest.com | 813-495-5757
stacy@bloomnchalkfest.com | 727-215-6015

see last year entries:

portrait woman chalk art portrait chalk art landscape chalk art festival snail chalk art festival roses chalk art festival quee chalk art festival

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