Aurora Pennies a Light Reflecting Sculpture by Giles Miller


Sculpture: Northern Design Festival is currently taking place in New Castle,UK. Giles Miller has a created a stunning suspended sculpture of a latticed wooden frame which is adorned with 2000 metallic disks. These pennies reflect the lights in the building, which gives a stunning display. He drew inspiration from the northern lights which throws stunning lights when in contact with natural elements in the atmosphere. It is a photographer's delight to capture the northern lights since they seem to mesmerise one and all, so it's just natural that Giles Miller was inspired by these lights. "Aurora is a natural light display in the Earth's sky, sometimes referred to as the Northern Lights, so when the studio was invited to create an installation for the Northern Design Festival, it seemed like a perfectly appropriate place to share Aurora with the world. For this dry-assembly installation, almost 2,000 mirror-finish stainless-steel pennies have been suspended within a structural lattice made from grey Valchromat timber and composed to create a variation of both reflective direction, as well as visual permeability," said Giles Miller.

The Northern Design Festival is in it's 12th year and the Pennies - Aurora will be up for public view till November 9th 2017.

Pennies sculpture by aurora giles1-pennies-sculpture-by-aurora-giles Pennies sculpture by aurora giles2-pennies-sculpture-by-aurora-giles Pennies sculpture by aurora giles3-pennies-sculpture-by-aurora-giles Pennies sculpture by aurora giles4-pennies-sculpture-by-aurora-giles Pennies sculpture by aurora giles5-pennies-sculpture-by-aurora-giles

Some more works of Giles Miller:

Design sculpture by giles miller6-design-sculpture-by-giles-miller Design sculpture by giles miller7-design-sculpture-by-giles-miller Design sculpture by giles miller8-design-sculpture-by-giles-miller Design sculpture by giles miller9-design-sculpture-by-giles-miller Design sculpture by giles miller10-design-sculpture-by-giles-miller Design sculpture by giles miller11-design-sculpture-by-giles-miller Design sculpture by giles miller12-design-sculpture-by-giles-miller Design sculpture by giles miller13-design-sculpture-by-giles-miller Design sculpture by giles miller14-design-sculpture-by-giles-miller

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