Bored of typing, now you can draw your pictures to search for an image using 500px's Splash tool


Sketch your thoughts instead of keywords to complete your search and Splash Tool brings to screen the expected results. 500px one of the popular photography websites, has come with a new, unique and interesting tool using which you can search photos by drawing them. If you have to search for a picture, which relates to a house, you just have to draw a house and it also lets you choose the colour and size of your brush. Based on how effective your drawing is, you will get search results of images which close to your drawing. The interface is very simple, there is a “clear” button at the top right and there are categories like Landscapes, People, Animals, Travel and City. With more perfection in your drawing ,the result is also very perfect.

splashtool photography news splashtool photography news

The slider on the top right lets you adjust brush size while the colour box on the right lets you switch between a colour palette. Below, images are instantly populated into several categories - As you add colour and design to your sketch, the images change in response. The Splash tool seems to pick on lighting patterns well, it recognizes the areas which are lighter or darker than others in the image. With continuous corrections in your drawing the system updates itself to accuracy.

splashtool photography news

Currently beta version of the search tool is launched by 500px Labs and is available for testing. This is indeed the first product of its kind from 500px Labs, innovation in the photo sharing community .

splashtool photography news splashtool photography news splashtool photography news

To Test On Splash Tool :

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