Celeste prize 2017 - Art competition 30 June 2017


The International Art Award rewards emerging artists and half-career artists by giving them a recognition. Artist,photographers and creatives are invited to submit artwork for review by a jury of top art curators and critics. Celeste Prize promotes and supports the work of visual artists, ensures that it's seen daily in over 100 countries and each year by an audience of over 2 million people. Exhibitions have been held in Berlin, London, Miami, Milan, New York, Rome and Venice.

53 outstanding finalists will be chosen by the jury of top art curators led by Fatos ustek. Prizes are awarded according to votes by finalists at the exhibition opening in London.

Deadline Date : 30 June 2017

Entry Tickets :

  • € 50 for a single work
  • € 90 for a project (up to 10 works)
  • € 30 for a single work of super Young, under 26

Prizes :

  • € 23,000 cash prizes 12 group shows with partner art galleries.
  • Project prize € 4,000
  • painting & drawing prize € 4,000
  • photography and Digital Graphics Prize € 4,000
  • Video & Animation Prize € 4,000
  • Installation, Sculpture and Performance award € 4,000
  • Young Super Prize € 3,000

Nero19 artwork by serena manasserinero19 artwork Habitus artwork by franco armierihabitus artwork Mancanza artwork by anelemancanza artwork Lost identity artwork by pegah tanhalost identity artwork Goodbye childhood artwork by annastellazucconigoodbye childhood artwork

To Enter the contest : www.celesteprize.com/celesteprize2017#page-2008

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