Iceland gets its First 3D Zebra Crossing after a successful venture in India


3D Street Art has been around for many years. This is the first time 3d zebra crossing has been installed to make the traffic slow down. A small town in Iceland has installed this 3d Zebra crossing on a narrow road making it safe for pedestrian crossing. The zebra crossing creates an optical illusion for vehicles which are little further away and they automatically slow down. The inspiration was drawn from the pilot project which was installed in Delhi by a company Vegmalun GIH. The 3d crosswalk was experimented for several weeks, before fine tuning on a design which would work on the roads. The white bars literally seem to be floating in the air giving it a raised effect, so this perspective makes the drivers to automatically slow down. It's an amazing concept to avoid accidents on busy stretches, making it safer for the people to travel.

First Indian 3D Art Zebra Crossing at Delhi

Watch the 3D Art Zebra Crossing at Iceland

Zebra crossing 3d street art iceland1-zebra-crossing-3d-street-art-iceland Zebra crossing 3d street art iceland2-zebra-crossing-3d-street-art-iceland Zebra crossing 3d street art iceland3-zebra-crossing-3d-street-art-iceland Zebra crossing 3d street art iceland4-zebra-crossing-3d-street-art-iceland

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