Thijs Biersteker won $11,500 as prize money for his Incredible Installation Art work


Installation art: The Lumen Prize celebrates the work of artists and it's in the 6th Year. The 2017 Lumen Prize Awards have been presented to some of the most creative artists from around the world. 2017 Lumen Gold Prize was presented to Thijs Biersteker for his interactive plastic reflectic installation. According to Thijs Biersteker ,"Plastic Reflectic is an interactive mirrored Installation Art that brings the ‘plastic soup’ in our oceans alive. Provoking a new perspective on a pressing issue, the work addresses the heavy pollution of our waters and through interaction shows the audience that their own behaviour directly impacts our oceans". Another interesting award for the 3D/Sculpture was Reading Plan - It's an interactive book flipping machine, not one but 23, when people enter the room, they automatically read the content simultaneously. Have a look at 2017 Lumen Prize Winners.

Plastic reflectic interactive digital art by thijs bierstekerplastic reflectic interactive digital art

Lumen Gold Winner Plastic Reflectic interactive installation for plastic soup foundation by Thijs Biersteker

Award Winning 3D Sculpture Award Reading Plan by Lien-cheng Wang

2017 Lumen Prize Moving Image Award - Heroic Makers vs Heroic Land by Isabelle Arvers

The unfettered interactive media sculpture by zheng dathe unfettered interactive media sculpture

2017 Lumen Prize Interactive Award -The Unfettered Language of Machines by Zheng Da

Numina 3d sculpture lumen prize by zarah hussainnumina 3d sculpture lumen prize

2017 Lumen Prize People's Choice Award 3d Sculpture- Numina by Zarah Hussain

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