20 Beautiful Oil Paintings Of Women By Francine Van Hove

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Oil Paintings By Francine Van Hove

Oil Paintings: Francine Van Hove was born in Paris and she is a contemporary French artist. She completed her degree in fine arts at Lycee Claude Bernard Arts School. Her first solo Oil Painting exhibition was in 1971 and her collections are available throughout Europe, Japan and USA. Her oil paintings of women are very realistic and exquisite works of art. She is well known for her transparent skin tones and she expresses beauty in a different form. Her painting techniques are similar to the italain painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. We have included 25 realistic oil paintings of women by Francine Van Hove for your inspiration.

Lady Oil Painting Francine lady oil painting francine Woman Oil Painting Francine woman oil painting francine Two Girls Oil Painting Francine two girls oil painting francine Dad Son Oil Painting Francine dad son oil painting francine Art Gallery Oil Painting Francine art gallery oil painting francine Family Oil Painting Francine family oil painting francine Family Portrait Oil Painting Francine family portrait oil painting francine Gallery Oil Painting Francine gallery oil painting francine Girl Oil Painting Francine girl oil painting francine Man Oil Painting Francine man oil painting francine Men Falling Oil Painting Francine men falling oil painting francine Speach Oil Painting Francine speach oil painting francine Student Work Oil Painting Francine student work oil painting francine Woman Laugh Oil Painting Francine woman laugh oil painting francine Woman Portrait Oil Painting Francine woman portrait oil painting francine Exterior Oil Painting Francine exterior oil painting francine Girl Sitting Portrait Oil Painting Francine girl sitting portrait oil painting francine People Oil Painting Francine people oil painting francine Man Portrait Oil Painting Francine man portrait oil painting francine Patterns Oil Painting Francine patterns oil painting francine Share - Add Comment

Artist Name: Francine Van Hove

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