Oil Paintings: Angela Fraleigh is an artist and professor teaching at Moravian College. Her oil paintings take violence and seduction to a whole new level. Each of these paintings is a display of vivi...
Oil PaintingsPaintings
Portrait paintings by Russel Powell: Can you imagine portrait paintings on your palm? Well Russel Powell creates stunning and realistic portrait paintings on the palm of his hand. The uneven texture o...
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Surreal painting by Fulvio Di Piazza: Surreal paintings don't go by any fixed rules, artists let their imaginations fly. In this post we have added 25 Beautiful Surreal Painting by Fulvio Di Piazz...
Realistic Watercolor Paintings : Steve Hanks watercolor paintings are realistic and extra-ordinary in terms of perfection and style. He is titled as one of the best artists working today using waterco...
Watercolor PaintingsPaintings
Tree painting: In this post we have included 25 Beautiful Tree Painting from top artists around the world. Nature is abundant with trees in different shapes, sizes and also different heights. Tree pai...
Other PaintingsPaintings
Surreal: Surreal art is always mysterious and sometimes they can be dark and mysterious based on the creativity of the artists. Can you ever imagine the sky and earth meeting? Well this can be made po...
Other PaintingsPaintings
Funny Painting: In this post we have included 50 Beautiful and funny painting designs for your inspiration. In this post you can see that the artists also have funny creative imagination, to bring suc...
Colourful paintings: In this post we have included 50 Beautiful and Mind blowing colourful paintings from around the world for your inspiration. You can freely browse through our beautiful collection ...
Other PaintingsPaintings
Layer Paintings: Keng Lye is a Singapore based artist who specializes in Resin Layer Painting. All that you see below are layer paintings which use nothing but acrylic paint layered with cle...
3D ArtInspirationOther PaintingsPaintings
In this post we have included some of the amazing fantasy Girl Paintings by Jeremiah Ketner. He graduated from Columbus College of art and design for his BFA and Southern Illinios University for his M...
Other PaintingsPaintings

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