Indian painting showcases the beautiful culture and heritage of India in an art form. In this post we have included 25 Beautiful Indian paintings and Indian Artworks for your inspiration. Indian paint...
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Watercolor Paintings: Joanna Wedrychowska is a Poland based artist who is talented in watercolour paintings. The use and choice of colours is simply mind blowing. The stroke of brushes, colour an...
Watercolor PaintingsPaintings
Acrylic Paintings : Nick Japaridze was born February 23, 1971 in Tbilisi, Georgia . Starting 1985 he paints and until 1985 learns from the best fine art artists of Georgia while working...
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Creative painting: In this post we have included 50 Beautiful creative paintings from around the world for your inspiration. In this post you can find creative painting techniques and examples which c...
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Photo Realistic Oil Paintings : Ruddy Taveras born in 1980 at Valverde Mao is quite popular for his still life oil paintings of everyday objects. From his early childhood he was inclined towards ...
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RGB is a display which showcases a progression of wallpapers that change and interface with distinctive chromatic surprise. The divider covers comprises of three distinct layers (in red, yellow and bl...
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Portrait Paintings by Sebastian Kruger: In this post we have added 10 Portrait Paintings of Hollywood Celebrities by Sebastian Kruger for your inspiration. According to his website,"Sebastian Kr&...
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Watercolor Paintings by Hannah Jesus: Hannah Jesus Koh is an art teacher and loves to create natural watercolor paintings from the stunning places she visit. What is so special about her technique is,...
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Watercolor Paintings by Samantha French: Samantha French's watercolor paintings is like a whiff of fresh air. Samantha French graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2005. Acco...
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Rain paintings: What is the first thing that comes to mind, when it starts to rain? Well it's either umbrellas or get wet in the rain. But for this artist it's all creating rain paintings. Val...

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