50 Stunning Pastel Painting Artworks For Your Inspiration

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Pastel Paintings

Pastel painting: In this post we have included 50 Stunning pastel painting artworks for your inspiration. Pastel painting is done with help of pastel sticks which is made of powdered pigment and a binder. This is the same base used in oil painting as well. Well for starters it’s less messy to work pastels and you get glorious effects just like in oil painting. With pastel paintings you can get stunning rich textures and amazing colours. Pastel paintings are enjoyed by artists who like both drawing and painting. Generally pastel painting is done by holding the pastels like how you hold a pen and the more pressure you put on the pastels, the more paint it leaves on the canvas or any medium you are painting with. For thinner lines give little less pressure on the pastel sticks.

Pastel painting by gary25dude - 11 pastel painting by gary25dude -  11
Dog pastel painting - 14 dog pastel painting -  14
Pastel painting by lisabelle - 12 pastel painting by lisabelle -  12
Pastel paintings by zaria forman - 8 pastel paintings by zaria forman -  8
Potrait pastel painting - 6 potrait pastel painting -  6
Buddy pastel painting - 5 buddy pastel painting -  5
Potrait pastel painting - 3 potrait pastel painting -  3
Pastel painting by ruben belloso - 1 pastel painting by ruben belloso -  1
The grey horse pastel paintings by tarantella the grey horse pastel paintings by tarantella

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Pastel Medium

50 Stunning Pastel Painting Artworks for your inspiration
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