25 Beautiful Portrait Drawings From Top Artists Around The World


Potrait Drawings

Portrait drawing of self or other subjects is a tough task to master, but once you master the basic details, it’s quite thrilling to work on. First you need to draw the basic shape of the head without any hair, then draw the horizontal and vertical lines for the eyes, nose and mouth. Then work on the hair details. If you have face, eyes, mouth examples, you can mix and match them on your portraits before you start off with the real subjects. In this post we have included 50 Beautiful Pencil portrait drawings from around the world for your inspiration.

Angelina jolie portrait drawing - 7 angelina jolie portrait drawing -  7Potrait drawings - 13 potrait drawings -  13Potrait drawings - 24 potrait drawings -  24Potrait drawings by dan cretu - 1 potrait drawings by dan cretu -  1 Potrait drawings by katy perry - 5 potrait drawings by katy perry -  5Mark stewart potrait drawings - 22 mark stewart potrait drawings -  22Osho potrait drawings - 18 osho potrait drawings -  18Potrait drawings - 20 potrait drawings -  20Potrait drawings - 16 potrait drawings -  16Potrait drawings by derektwilt - 17 potrait drawings by derektwilt -  17Potrait drawings - 10 potrait drawings -  10Potrait drawings by desenhos - 9 potrait drawings by desenhos -  9Potrait drawings - 11 potrait drawings -  11Potrait drawings by lana - 6 potrait drawings by lana -  6Potrait drawings by emily - 25 potrait drawings by emily -  25Emma watson potrait drawings - 8 emma watson potrait drawings -  8Portrait drawings - 3 portrait drawings -  3Portrait drawings - 23 portrait drawings -  23Potrait drawings by chaseroflight - 21 potrait drawings by chaseroflight -  21Portrait drawings - 19 portrait drawings -  19


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