10 Stunning Sand Sculptures By Ray Villafane

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Sand Sculptures By Ray Villafane

Sand Sculptures by Ray Villafane: Ray Villafane was born on March 5th,1969 in Arizona, America. According to wikipedia,"Ray Anthony Villafane is an American artist based in Arizona, who specializes in sculpting. Most famously known for his 3-D Style pumpkin carvings, Villafane also sculpts action figures and collectibles, sand and snow".His pumpkin carving sculpture began back at Michigan School where he used to be an art instructor.
According to Ray's website,"Ray was contacted by a professional sand sculpting company and invited to Jesolo, Italy. He was to participate in their annual holiday sand sculpting project. Though Ray had never sculpted in sand, he took the opportunity that was offered. In November 2008, Ray traveled to Jesolo and created his first sand sculptures. His performance was exceptional, and he was invited back the following summer where he participated in bringing “Dante’s Inferno” to the beach. He was given the most pivotal sculpture of the show, and his effort did not disappoint. A trip to Russia followed, where Ray sand sculpted just blocks away from Red Square and the Kremlin". He is the owner of Villafane studios. In this post we have added 10 Realistic Sand Sculptures by Ray Villafane for your inspiration.

Sand Sculpture Ray Villafane 1 sand sculpture ray villafane 1 Sand Sculpture Ray Villafane 2 sand sculpture ray villafane 2 Sand Sculpture Ray Villafane 3 sand sculpture ray villafane 3 Sand Sculpture Ray Villafane 4 sand sculpture ray villafane 4 Sand Sculpture Ray Villafane 5 sand sculpture ray villafane 5 Sand Sculpture Ray Villafane 6 sand sculpture ray villafane 6 Sand Sculpture Ray Villafane 7 sand sculpture ray villafane 7 Sand Sculpture Ray Villafane 8 sand sculpture ray villafane 8 Share - Add Comment

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