20 Beautiful And Amazing Scrap Sculptures By Igor Verniy

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Scrap Sculptures By Igor Verniy

Scrap Sculptures : We would have heard our moms and dads saying not to waste anything, well this kid took it seriously, when it came to his work. Igor verniy is quite popular for his steampunk scrap sculptures made out of unwanted things like watches, old bike chains, silverware and almost anything that he can lay his hands on. His scrap sculptures look very realistic and only if you look very closely, you can notice the metals or pins that he has used to create his sculptures. Igor Verniy is a Russian artist who became quite popular for his scrap sculptures in both national and international art communities. In this post we have included 20 Beautiful and Amazing scrap sculptures by Igor Verniy for your inspiration.

bird leaf scrap sculptures igor
Bird Leaf Scrap Sculptures Igorbird leaf scrap sculptures igorButterfly Scrap Sculptures Igorbutterfly scrap sculptures igorAnimal Scrap Sculptures Igoranimal scrap sculptures igorAnt Scrap Sculptures Igorant scrap sculptures igorBig Ant Scrap Sculptures Igorbig ant scrap sculptures igor Bird Fly Scrap Sculptures Igorbird fly scrap sculptures igorBird Scrap Sculptures Igorbird scrap sculptures igorBirds Scrap Sculptures Igorbirds scrap sculptures igorButterfly Wing Scrap Sculptures Igorbutterfly wing scrap sculptures igorDog Scrap Sculptures Igordog scrap sculptures igorFish Scrap Sculptures Igorfish scrap sculptures igorFly Scrap Sculptures Igorfly scrap sculptures igorInsect Scrap Sculptures Igorinsect scrap sculptures igorOctopus Scrap Sculptures Igoroctopus scrap sculptures igorOctopuss Scrap Sculptures Igoroctopuss scrap sculptures igorOwl Scrap Sculptures Igorowl scrap sculptures igorPigeon Scrap Sculptures Igorpigeon scrap sculptures igorSpider Ant Scrap Sculptures Igorspider ant scrap sculptures igorSpider Scrap Sculptures Igorspider scrap sculptures igorWing Scrap Sculptures Igorwing scrap sculptures igor Share - Add Comment

Artist Link: Know more about Igor Verniy

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