25 Beautiful Surreal Paintings By Felipe Bedoya

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Surreal Paintings By Felipe Bedoya

Surreal Paintings : Felipe Bedoya is a surreal artist from Columbia. He is quite popular for street art which mostly is based on surrealism. He started drawing from his childhood and was deeply influenced by the pop culture. Once he graduated from a fine arts degree, he became quite obsessed with paintings and eye for detail. He is quite popular for his detailing of the eyes in all his surreal paintings. His paintings are funny and only when you look deeper, you will find the surrealism attached to it. For many people his surreal paintings maybe quite disturbing, but his illustrations have dark and hidden meanings in them. In this post we have included 25 Awesome Realistic and Surreal Paintings by Artist Felipe Bedoya.

frida street art felipe bedoya
Frida Street Art Felipe Bedoyafrida street art felipe bedoyaLady Street Art Felipe Bedoyalady street art felipe bedoyaPretty Lady Street Art Felipe Bedoyapretty lady street art felipe bedoyaCartoon Street Art Felipe Bedoyacartoon street art felipe bedoyaAnimals Face Street Art Felipe Bedoyaanimals face street art felipe bedoya Beautiful Street Art Felipe Bedoyabeautiful street art felipe bedoyaCute Lady Street Art Felipe Bedoyacute lady street art felipe bedoyaDonkey Ear Street Art Felipe Bedoyadonkey ear street art felipe bedoyaFlower Lady Street Art Felipe Bedoyaflower lady street art felipe bedoyaFunny Character Street Art Felipe Bedoyafunny character street art felipe bedoyaGirl Street Art Felipe Bedoyagirl street art felipe bedoyaGirl Animal Street Art Felipe Bedoyagirl animal street art felipe bedoyaGirl Cat Street Art Felipe Bedoyagirl cat street art felipe bedoyaKids Street Art Felipe Bedoyakids street art felipe bedoyaLittle Girl Street Art Felipe Bedoyalittle girl street art felipe bedoyaLittle Girl Animal Street Art Felipe Bedoyalittle girl animal street art felipe bedoyaMan Street Art Felipe Bedoyaman street art felipe bedoyaWoman Street Art Felipe Bedoyawoman street art felipe bedoyaCartoon Character Street Art Felipe Bedoyacartoon character street art felipe bedoya Share - Add Comment

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