25 Beautiful Wall Mural Paintings From Top Artisits Around The World


Wall Mural Paintings

Mural Painting is done on larger canvas like the walls or ceilings. Mural painting was quite popular in ancient times as even now many churches and temples, have mural paintings on their ceilings, which generally tell a story. Mural paintings require a lot of glazing and stippling, as they have to be protected from the dust and other natural elements. In this post we have included Magnificent mural paintings from across the world for your inspiration. Mural paintings are a different kind of art, as they are meant to live for many years to pass on the stories and since it’s done on a larger scale, one needs to get prepared for painting them and it may take several months to complete a small patch of the ceiling. Do you have a boring wall space on your face, paint some murals or get professional help from mural artists and redecorate your home. 

Flower art carpet mural mexico flower art carpet mural mexicoBathroom wall mural - 18 bathroom wall mural -  18Beautiful wall mural art - 1 beautiful wall mural art -  1Mural paintings bogi fabian 2 mural paintings bogi fabian 2 Mural paintings bogi fabian 3 mural paintings bogi fabian 3Mural paintings bogi fabian 4 mural paintings bogi fabian 4Mural paintings bogi fabian 5 mural paintings bogi fabian 5Mural paintings bogi fabian 6 mural paintings bogi fabian 6Mural paintings bogi fabian 7 mural paintings bogi fabian 7Mural paintings bogi fabian 8 mural paintings bogi fabian 8Horse wall mural art - 8 horse wall mural art -  8Wall mural painting beach view wall mural painting beach viewCeiling wall mural painting indian fluting ceiling wall mural painting indian flutingWall mural painting kids wall mural painting kidsWall mural painting forest wall mural painting forestWall mural painting underwater sea wall mural painting underwater seaWall mural painting fishes wall mural painting fishesWall mural painting fish by drew brophy wall mural painting fish by drew brophyWall mural painting interior wall mural painting interiorWall mural painting girl wall mural painting girl


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