Acrylic painting double exposure by phandanghoanggg

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HELLO MAGAZINE. MY NAME IS PHAN DANG HOANG. I COME FROM VIETNAM. I’M 16 YEARS OLD. I’M A STUDENT AND FREELANCE ARTIST, ILLUSTRATOR IN VIETNAM. I draw by colored pencil: prismacolor! I was the first boy painting enthusiasts. I know how to draw in 3-year-old. My grandparents are talented artists. They have made many contributions to the art of Vietnam. they are people who inspire me to pursue art. Each sketch "consume" My much time and effort, on average to complete a work of younger artists like the guy takes between 7-10 days. However, strict requirements are not allowed even one wrong detail of a painting, so I always meticulously and carefully in the light tac.niem stitch painting passion growing up in my soul, I spent almost all my spare time to unleash drawing, creativity in each stroke, each color array.


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