10 Creative Alien Illustrations By Indian Artist Charbak Dipta


Alien Illustrations

Alien Illustration: Whoever thought aliens are scary must see these sketches for a pleasant surprise as cartoonist Charbak Dipta gives everyday life and celebrities an out of this world makeover. Hailing from Kolkata, India, the artist is not just a cartoonist, but a multifaceted personality with an M.A. in Philosophy. He is also a commercial artist and graphic storyteller. Apart from this, he is a trained musician/singer and does photography too. In his own words: “I believe visual art cannot be taught. It has to be learned from the nature”. In this series, the artist tries to show a parallel universe with aliens in another planet doing things humans do on our planet. So go ahead and enjoy some quirky yet brilliant illustrations of aliens!. i hope you will enjoy these 10 Creative Alien Illustrations

Rajnikanth Sketch Charbak Diptarajnikanth sketch charbak dipta Lenin Sketch Charbak Diptalenin sketch charbak dipta Alien Singers Sketch Charbak Diptaalien singers sketch charbak dipta Alien Princess Sketch Charbak Diptaalien princess sketch charbak dipta Alien Durga Sketch Charbak Diptaalien durga sketch charbak dipta Alien Abbey Road Sketch Charbak Diptaalien abbey road sketch charbak dipta Alien Artist Sketch Charbak Diptaalien artist sketch charbak dipta Alien Baul Sketch Charbak Diptaalien baul sketch charbak dipta Alien Ganesh Sketch Charbak Diptaalien ganesh sketch charbak dipta Alien Lawyer Sketch Charbak Diptaalien lawyer sketch charbak dipta Alien Railway Sketch Charbak Diptaalien railway sketch charbak dipta Alien Ghosts Sketch Charbak Diptaalien ghosts sketch charbak dipta Lady Phone Sketch Charbak Diptalady phone sketch charbak dipta

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