Melting Moments - Beautiful Butter Sculptures From Annual Butter Sculpture Festival


Butter Sculptures

The world is a canvas for a true artist and in this case it's butter sculptures. Tonnes of butter are carved into beautiful sculptures and placed for display to public. These butter sculptures have to be kept at a certain temperature, since they tend to melt under room temperature. Butter is a fragile canvas, so it's only the talented artists who know their way through knives can handle them. A whole village, with so many minute details added on to them has simply blown our mind away. Most of these butter sculptures are related to cows and farming, since that's where we get the butter right? Annual butter sculpture festivals are held around the world to bring out the hidden talents amongst designers. We absolutely love these cute butter sculptures. Tell us which is your favorite butter sculpture in the comments section.

Butter Sculpture Bear Min Jeong Kimbutter sculpture bear min jeong kim Butter Sculpture Brown Football Silver Turtlebutter sculpture brown football silver turtle Butter Sculpture Butter Tut Pookie Schnookiebutter sculpture butter tut pookie schnookie Butter Sculpture Cow Chromatophobebutter sculpture cow chromatophobe Butter Sculpture Cow Power Andrea Wigginsbutter sculpture cow power andrea wiggins Butter Sculpture Alienbutter sculpture alien Butter Sculpture Farm Andrea Wigginsbutter sculpture farm andrea wiggins Butter Sculpture Olympics Ironmike9butter sculpture olympics ironmike9 Butter Sculpture Skinny Cow Iowabutter sculpture skinny cow iowa Butter Sculpture Village Drrusbutter sculpture village drrus

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