15 Simple Caricatures of Celebrities by Spanish Illustrator Ricardo Polo
Spanish illustrator Ricardo Polo based in Madrid creates portraits based on pop-culture characters.  Each character he illustrates has a unique style which is noteworthy and one could clearly see the precision he is using in all his different cr
 15 Beautiful Celebrity Caricatures and Digital illustrations by Manish D3mon
Manish D3mon is a digital illustrator and graphics designer from Bengaluru, India. His anime digital illustrations are top of the world. It's interesting to see Indian artists taking an interest in anime digital illustrations. Anime digital illustrations are mostly popular in Japan and China. Manish D3mon initially worked as an illustrator at Cekav. Currently he works as a freelance digital illustrator at Bengaluru, India. The portrayal of characters in the digital illustrations are simply mind blowing. Take a look at his work...
Funny Celebrity Caricatures
Funny Celebrity Caricatures: Celebrity Caricatures are drawings with funny distortions of celebrities by over exaggerating their features. Any amateur celebrity caricature artist will try his/her hand at drawing funny caricatures of celebrities because it’s easier for people to recognize them and helps to promote their works. Celebrity caricatures are usually drawn by giving a small body for the subject followed by a large head. Many celebrities have some distinct feature, so you can over exaggerate them by giving extra thin...
Funny Caricatures are usually funny cartoons of people. It can be used for political or for entertainment purposes. Sometimes stories are created using caricatures which conveys a funny story. Caricatures are more like portraits of people, but with some distortions to the pictures or rather funny distortions. There are many free softwares available online to create Funny Caricatures instantly, some of the softwares may require some free registrations or you can download the free softwares and create funny caricatures to impress...

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