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Fruit Art Ideas

Who doesn’t love fruits? They are great starters and perfect before every meal. Doctors advise to eat atleast a bowl of fresh fruits a day. Some artists have taken it seriously and they make fruit art which resemble everyday objects. In this post we have included 20 Brilliantly carved fruit which resemble everyday objects by Sarah Illenberger for your inspiration. She has created amazing fruit art like mango lipstick, a pear bulb, chillies used as flames instead of fire on a lighter etc. Her fruit art work is very simple, yet involves a lot of creativity. Almost all the fruits she saw at the market, where used in a different concept and simply blows your mind away.

Fruit Art Broccoli Sarah Illenbergerfruit art broccoli sarah illenberger Fruit Art Beetroot Diamond Art Sarah Illenbergerfruit art beetroot diamond art sarah illenberger Fruit Art Cabbage Dress Sarah Illenbergerfruit art cabbage dress sarah illenberger Fruit Art Bulb Sarah Illenbergerfruit art bulb sarah illenberger Fruit Art Banana Sarah Illenbergerfruit art banana sarah illenberger Fruit Art Banana Hat Sarah Illenbergerfruit art banana hat sarah illenberger Fruit Art Brinjal Sarah Illenbergerfruit art brinjal sarah illenberger Fruit Art Broom Sarah Illenbergerfruit art broom sarah illenberger Fruit Art Sarah Illenbergerfruit art sarah illenberger Fruit Art Chilli Sarah Illenbergerfruit art chilli sarah illenberger Fruits Art Cubics Sarah Illenbergerfruits art cubics sarah illenberger Fruit Art Greenleaf Sarahfruit art greenleaf sarah Fruit Art Pineapple Sarah Illenbergerfruit art pineapple sarah illenberger Fruit Art Pineapple Octopus Sarah Illenbergerfruit art pineapple octopus sarah illenberger Fruit Art Pineapple Glittering Sarah Illenbergerfruit art pineapple glittering sarah illenberger Creative Art Ice Cream Peacock Sarah Illenbergercreative art ice cream peacock sarah illenberger Creative Art Ice Cream Bouquet Sarah Illenbergercreative art ice cream bouquet sarah illenberger Creative Art Corn Ice Parachute Art Sarah Illenbergercreative art corn ice parachute art sarah illenberger Creative Art Cone Ice Sarah Illenbergercreative art cone ice sarah illenberger Creative Art Lungs Sarah Illenbergercreative art lungs sarah illenberger

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