15 Beautiful Contemporary Oil Paintings By Richard Baxter


Contemporary Paintings By Richard Baxter

Contemporary Paintings : Hailing from central Victoria, Richard Baxter is an Australian artist known for creating visually and spiritually rich paintings. His work spans for more than 30 years. He is also a highly accomplished photographer. The entire world over, he holds many exhibitions for his contemporary art. Here we have compiled some of his works, which are vivid in color and have deep spiritual meanings. Leave pragmatism and pay attention to the hidden message in these paintings. Scroll through to see all Contemporary Paintings,

Flying House Painting Richard Baxter flying house painting richard baxter Harvester Painting Richard Baxter harvester painting richard baxter Man Pulling Painting Richard Baxter man pulling painting richard baxter Tree Painting Richard Baxter tree painting richard baxter Praying Boy Painting Richard Baxter praying boy painting richard baxter Circus Tent Painting Richard Baxter circus tent painting richard baxter Washing Machine Painting Richard Baxter washing machine painting richard baxter Ladder Painting Richard Baxter ladder painting richard baxter Cow Painting Richard Baxter cow painting richard baxter Toy Painting Richard Baxter toy painting richard baxter Man Ball Painting Richard Baxter man ball painting richard baxter Goat Man Painting Richard Baxter goat man painting richard baxter Jesus Painting Richard Baxter jesus painting richard baxter Astronauts Painting Richard Baxter astronauts painting richard baxter Dancing Man Painting Richard Baxter dancing man painting richard baxter

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