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Creative Artworks By Andrea Wan

Embrace the beauty of life from womb to world. This creative artwork series is all about how a life comes into the world and leaves the world. Plants, humans, animals, all serve a purpose in life. We should help preserve each other. Giant flowers resemble heads of humans, with two branches sticking out, which resembles the legs. Purpose of life is to live in harmony with nature and environment. The theme is beautifully portrayed and the essence of life aptly captured by this wonderful artist. Set on a black background, the male and female versions of people are depicted in either blue or red colors, dancing or hunting. The faces of the people are either flowers or petals, making the artwork look so fragile. Andrea Wan is a visual artist and illustrator from Hong Kong. Her creative artworks have been displayed as solo exhibitions in many countries. 

Creative Artwork Nirvana Andrea Wancreative artwork nirvana andrea wan Creative Artwork Flowers Birds Andrea Wancreative artwork flowers birds andrea wan Creative Artwork Dance Skeletons Andrea Wancreative artwork dance skeletons andrea wan Creative Artwork Ceramic Pot Andrea Wancreative artwork ceramic pot andrea wan Creative Artwork Hunters Andrea Wancreative artwork hunters andrea wan Creative Artwork Love Andrea Wancreative artwork love andrea wan Creative Artwork Pot Andrea Wancreative artwork pot andrea wan Creative Artwork Hand Andrea Wancreative artwork hand andrea wan Creative Artwork Warrior Dance Andrea Wancreative artwork warrior dance andrea wan Creative Artwork Soul Journey Andrea Wancreative artwork soul journey andrea wan

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