15 Creative And Funny Art Ideas And Drawings By Ali Abd Al Razzaq


Funny Art Ideas

Funny Art: Artist Ali Abd Al-Razzaq from Iraq uses everyday objects to create funny illustrations. For eg: He uses m& m chocolates as balloons. His illustrations are very simple, but highly imaginative and eye catching. His illustrations are a mixture of realism with drawings. Eventhough he started his funny illustrations only in 2013, his work is quite innovative and extremely funny. He tries to draw inspiration from everything around him. In this post we have included 15 Creative and Funny Art Ideas by Artist Ali Abd Al Razzaq.

Woman Creative Illustration Ali woman creative illustration ali Man Creative Illustration Ali man creative illustration ali Badam Creative Illustration Ali badam creative illustration ali Bird Creative Illustration Ali bird creative illustration ali Coffee Maker Creative Illustration Ali coffee maker creative illustration ali Coins Creative Illustration Ali coins creative illustration ali Gems Creative Illustration Ali gems creative illustration ali Owl Creative Illustration Ali owl creative illustration ali Parrot Creative Illustration Ali parrot creative illustration ali Pencil Creative Illustration Ali pencil creative illustration ali Spoon Creative Illustration Ali spoon creative illustration ali Two Pigeon Creative Illustration Ali two pigeon creative illustration ali Pigeon Creative Illustration Ali pigeon creative illustration ali

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