15 Simple Mesmerizing Dance and Draw Charcoal drawings by Heather Hansen


Charcoal Drawings: I have heard of drawing with hands and some artists even try their techniques with their legs. But imagine using both hands and feet to create charcoal drawings, it’s simply mindblowing. Meet Heather Hansen who is a contemporary dancer who loves to create these charcoal drawings while dancing. She creates these huge charcoal drawings on large sized papers and allows people to watch her while she does her performance. She has performed many shows and exhibited her art in numerous galleries throughout USA. In the year 2013 she created one art a day and it’s a nice way to keep one motivated for 365 days. In this post we have included 20 Amazing Charcoal Drawings by contemporary dancer Heather Hansen for your inspiration.

Beauty Charcoal Drawing Heatherbeauty charcoal drawing heather Black Charcoal Drawing Heatherblack charcoal drawing heather Art Charcoal Drawing Heatherart charcoal drawing heather Beautiful Charcoal Drawing Heatherbeautiful charcoal drawing heather Blue Charcoal Drawing Heatherblue charcoal drawing heather Charcoal Drawing Heathercharcoal drawing heather Circle Charcoal Drawing Heathercircle charcoal drawing heather Directions Charcoal Drawing Heatherdirections charcoal drawing heather Flower Charcoal Drawing Heatherflower charcoal drawing heather Girl Charcoal Drawing Heathergirl charcoal drawing heather Lying Charcoal Drawing Heatherlying charcoal drawing heather Orange Charcoal Drawing Heatherorange charcoal drawing heather Round Charcoal Drawing Heatherround charcoal drawing heather Scribbles Charcoal Drawing Heatherscribbles charcoal drawing heather Semicircle Charcoal Drawing Heathersemicircle charcoal drawing heather Sitting Charcoal Drawing Heathersitting charcoal drawing heather

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