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Digital Art by Lera Nyukalova
Digital artworks: Lera Nyukalova is a 2D digital artist born in Kazakshtan and currently living in Vancouver. Lera celebrates her birthday on October 23rd. According to Lera Nyukalova website,"Lera Nyukalova began her Illustration career in loca
SHARE02 Jan 2021
Digital Paintings by Okan Bulbul
Digital artworks: Okan Bulbul is a freelance illustrator/artist from Turkey. Even as a child his love for art and painting was very evident. His teachers encouraged him to follow his passion in art. He was equally good in arts and scinec, so his parents encouraged him to become an engineer.He completed his degree in mechanical engineering from Middle East Technical University. After graduation he started working as an engineer in a construction company. He never gave up drawing or paint. He became a self taught digital illustrator...
SHARE31 Dec 2020
Digital Artworks by Michal Sawtyruk
Digital artworks: Michal Sawtyruk is a digital illustrator and painter from Warsaw, Poland. Most of his digital art is full of dark background and pieces of lives that he came across in Warsaw, Poland. A man walking his dog, a group of people standing together and talking, a passerby stares at the people in a restaurant, dimly lit roads, smoky roads and so on. Michal Sawtyruk creates stylish digital art which brings a feel of surrealism. With sharp lines, brush strokes of color, light effects and reflection, he brings forth his...
SHARE30 Nov 2020
The Creative Designer world contributes to Stop Racism protests - Vector Illustrations and Posters
Racism includes discrimination, prejudice, or hatred directed at someone because of their national origin, colour and ethnicity. It takes many forms around the world. Owing to the sudden turn of events in the regular world, so many Vector illustration and Digital illustration have cropped in social media. Artists have come up with several bold, groovy, creative posters portraying their emotions. Many graphic designers have resorted to show their support to bring the racist inhuman activities to justice. All people have set aside...
SHARE10 Nov 2020
Digital illustrations by Shahul Hameed
Our meaningful lives have taken a great dive due to the current situations. This digital illustration series is an artist's dream of a mask free world where we can breathe freely. Shahul Hameed was born in Kollengode, Kerala, however he is currently settled in UAE. He is a graffiti artist and digital illustrator. His digital illustrations are mostly inspired from current situations. Since he was born in Kerala, he misses the beautiful calm sunsets , the numerous plantations, elephants and more. He incorporates all the...
SHARE09 Nov 2020
20 Beautiful Digital Art works of Indian artist Sukanto Debnath
Travelling has the incredible power to expand our worldview and ignite our creative mind. Designer people know there is a lot to gain from travelling to new countries. Traveling brings an opportunity for something deeper in the view of artists, writers, and thinkers. They have all felt the creative power of travelling to a far off land. New tastes, sounds, smells, and sensations have the power to change the minds and kick-start creativity of designers. Travel is what enables the mind to jump between different ideas, think...
SHARE06 Nov 2020
25 Beautiful Digital Illustrations by Ranganath Krishnamani - Slice of Indian Traditions and culture
Ranganath Krishnamani is an Indian graphic designer and illustrator. He allows the world to have a glimpse of Indian traditions and culture through his beautiful digital illustrations. Set on blue background themes, the people are showcased going about their everyday life. Womenfolk lighting lamps at a temple, setting the diyas on a lake during festivals, families enjoying a cycle/scooter ride. Local festivals are never complete without balloon sellers. Farmers ploughing the field, fishermen getting their sails ready. Due to the...
SHARE30 Oct 2020
Digital Portrait Painting by Abhishek Samal
Abhishek Samal is a digital artist and graphic designer from Odisha, India. His digital paintings are mostly popular hollywood and bollywood celebrities. He draws inspiration for his digital paintings from popular marvel movies like Captain America, Iron man, Wonder woman and more. Most of his digital paintings are created on his iPad. Apart from digital paintings, he is quite experienced in creating hyper realistic pencil drawings. He enjoys both traditional and digital methods of drawing. He is a freelance artist and is open for...
SHARE29 Oct 2020
Digital Illustration by Karan Acharya
Karan Acharya is a digital illustrator and caricature artist from Bengaluru, India. He is a conceptualist and his digital illustrations speak for themselves. He believes in simplicity, likewise his digital illustrations speak for themselves. Set on solid colors like yellow, the digital illustrations of Indian mythological gods glow beautifully. According to him, "A man paints with his brains and not with his hands". His concept digital illustrations are heart touching : covid warriors, exploring divinity have an...
SHARE20 Oct 2020
Indian Woman Drawings by Suresh Kumar
Indian Woman Drawings : Artist Suresh Kumar is from Chennai, India and loves doodling. He is an illustrator who is quite popular for his cartoon drawings. In this post we have included 10 Beautiful Indian Woman Drawings by Suresh Kumar. As a child he loved to doodle in class while his teachers weren’t looking. He loved the cartoon characters in the tamil comics and tried recreating them using digital technology. He also loves to do illustrations, sketches, background themes of rural and urban lifestyle. He says in his blog...
SHARE15 Sep 2020
Digital illustrations by Andrea Minini
Digital art: Andrea Minini is a graphic designer from Milan. She likes to keep her work simple. She uses only curves and lines, mostly vector art, to create beautiful animals which seem to be on the go. She uses only the recognizable patterns in the animals and birds to create her beautiful digital artworks. In this post you can enjoy the beautiful black & white vector patterns of animals and birds, which truly amazing. Andrea Minini's artwork takes on a moire pattern, since the curves and lines seem to be overlapping...
SHARE01 Sep 2020
Digital Arts by Sakimi Chan
Digital artworks: Sakimi Chan is a graphic designer/ illustrator from Canada. His digital artworks are quite popular on the social media sites. Apart from creating beautiful digital art, Sakimi Chan provides tutorials on art and comic painting. Sakimi Chan takes the fairy tale creatures and creates something truly extra-ordinary. You can also buy original digital art posters online, through his blog or you can also become a patron and get ready for some special goodies from him. Enjoy the fantasy digital artworks by Sakimi Chan and...
SHARE26 Aug 2020
Digital Art works by Nigel Buchanan
Digital Art works: Nigel Buchanan is an artist/ illustrator, graphic designer from Sydney, Australia. He uses an old warehouse as his studio and along with a couple of other illustrators creates beautiful digital art. He has an extensive client list and some of them are 'The New York Times, TIME magazine, The Radio Times, MTV, ESPN, Pentagram and many more. His digital artwork has featured in Communication arts illustration annually. He is also a silver award winner which was awarded by the New York based society of illustrators...
SHARE25 Aug 2020
Digital Paintings by Wenqing Yan
Wenqing Yan is a Chinese artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Her anime digital paintings are much appreciated in the art industry. The after effects on her digital paintings give an extra touch of flair to her creativity. One emotion "pain" is common in all her digital paintings. We can see a yearning for freedom on a cloudless sky through her digital paintings. The eyes of the characters are super intense, a creepy green shadow pours out into the endless night, while the characters play some soul stirring music. She...
SHARE27 Jul 2020
15 Drawing and Digital illustration works by James Roper
These creative art works are by the artist, James Roper from England. He graduated with a B.A(Hons) Fine art from the Manchester School of Art. At first when you look at James Roper paintings, he you can see a sea of vibrant colors. According to his website,"My work explores a variety of subjects from the heightened realities depicted in Baroque art and modern media to the restraint and release of energy found within complex structures such as the human body". He likes to explore different mediums like painting, drawing,...
SHARE18 Jul 2020
Creative Digital Illustrations by Gunduz Aghayev
Satirical digital illustrations by Gunduz Agayev is sure to turn some heads. His digital illustrations are known to focus on political issues around the world. This series of digital illustrations focuses on how world leaders see justice. According to Gunduz Agayev, "I have spent 15-16 days for this volume. I drew thinking and reading about the situations in these countries. These illustrations depict the real conditions in the countries". Some of his previous digital illustrations were "Holy Selfies", "...
SHARE16 Jul 2020

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