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Digital Art Works by Natalie Shau: Natalie Shau is a digital artist and fashion photographer based in Lithuania. She was born in the year 1984 at Vilnius, Lithuania in Greece. Most of her paintings are a combination of digital artworks, 3D-Modelling and photography. She takes on commission works even for portraits, one just needs to send a recent photo to her and she comes up with a beautiful digital painting. In 2006, she used to draw stick figure drawings and...
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Concept art: Shinerai is a digital artist from USA. Her concept digital art is a pleasure to watch. She is extremely fascinated with comics and fantasy creatures. Her digital illustrations became quite popular on deviantart and she has journal entries which makes it interesting for her readers. She met her soulmate in deviantart who shares the same passion like her and she has been creating beautiful illustrations for the past 11 years. Shinerai is a left handed...
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Digital Painting: Digital art by Tina is so much inspired from nature. Her love for animals and art is shown beautifully through her digital painting works. Tina is a digital artist from Norway and her work is quite popular on the social media website. Tina is a freelance digital artists and takes on commission works too. Her favourite animals constantly featured in her digital painting are foxes, bullfinch, tapirs, jackdaw and ofcourse jumping spiders. Her fox...
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Concept art: Yichuan Lee is a chinese digital artist, who makes these beautiful illustrations. All his digital illustrations seem to have some kind of war, revenge or vengeance related to them. Yichuan Lee is also known as Rike Lee in the art circles. His digital art is very detailed and is a combination of modern art and traditional culture. Yichuan Lee's digital art takes you back to another era. Using concept art, Yichuan lee brings forth his imagination and...
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Digital Art: Rika Mello is a digital artist based in Guangdong, China. Mello loves to paint and her animation movie characters of Elsa from Frozen movie is simply mind blowing, you can see the queen Elsa in Flames, whereas in the movie whatever Elsa touches will turn into ice. Most of her characters portrayed in her digital painting are women and they are like fairytale creatures, so dainty, yet so powerful. Enjoy the digital artworks by Rika Mello and be inspired...
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Digital painting: Fantasy art fuses subjects and components from outsider mythology, fantasy writing and tall tales. By tenet, fantasy art/digital painting is motivated by various sorts of mythology alluding to the social convictions individuals offer in various geological locales. Fantasy art by Vasylina Holodilina explores the creative and imaginary vision of the artists, brings forth mystical creatures and sometimes they maybe found little disturbing to the...
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Digital painting: Xiaoji is a Chinese digital artist who is quite experienced in portraits. Most of Xiaoji's digital paintings are of young chinese girls with different kinds of hairstyles and makeup. What is most striking about her digital paintings are the vibrant colours and the clean details to the face. Her digital paintings are very expressive and is able to portray human emotions in a beautiful and lovely manner. The pouts on her digital portraits are...
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Digital Art Works by Thanshuhai: Vietnamese artist Thanshuhai is a self taught freelance digital illustrator. He likes to draw Anthro/Furry animals for a living. He currently lives in Philippines. He draws her inspiration from nature and music. Thanshushai is always eager to learn and experiment on new things to improve his work. Thanshuhai is also known as Rikkun. Before becoming a freelance digital artist, Thanshuhai worked at local printing shops where he...
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Digital painting: Sylar is a young creative, surreal artist from Chelyabinsk, Russia. He is quite popular for his surrealistic digital art which has made him quite popular in the social media sites. Apart from being surrealistic, his digital paintings also have a magical and mythical touch to it. Sylar's digital arts take you through a land of fantasy, can you imagine umbrella's carrying tiny islands, magical flowers coming alive from books, a lighthouse in...
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Digital Paintings: Selena Regener was born in Sulz, Switzerland and she loves to create digital paintings. She draws her inspiration from nature, mythology and history. Her digital paintings of women are so mystical and even though they look very soft, they also seem to have a powerful aura around them. Have a look at the beautiful digital portraits by Selena Regener for your inspiration. She takes on commission work as well. The light effect in her digital art has...
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