Blushing Lions - Cute Digital Paintings Of Animals By Puffy Gator


Digital Paintings By Puffy Gator

Blushing lions is a beautiful digital art series by Puffy Gator. Digital art by Puffygatir can be found as prints on merchandise like toys, t-shirts etc.The artist uses a 10.5 inch iPad & Cintiq Pro 24 for his cute illustrations. Since 2019 he has been creating digital art using various kinds of animals. According to him, wild life animals also have a sense of compassion and beauty within them. So if you can dress up wild animals, how creative can you get? Let us take a look at the  beautiful wild animals digital art by Puffy Gator. He is an upcoming animal illustrator and sculptor. He is equally passionate about 3D printing, drawing and more.

Digital Art Cosmic Dog Puffy Gatordigital art cosmic dog puffy gator Digital Art Happy Lion Puffy Gatordigital art happy lion puffy gator Digital Art Let Go Puffy Gatordigital art let go puffy gator Digital Art Garden Romp Puffy Gatordigital art garden romp puffy gator Digital Art Early Bloom Puffy Gatordigital art early bloom puffy gator Digital Art Dido Puffy Gatordigital art dido puffy gator Digital Art Deer Puffy Gatordigital art deer puffy gator Digital Art Cub Puffy Gatordigital art cub puffy gator Digital Art Bird Puffy Gatordigital art bird puffy gator Digital Art Lioness Puffy Gatordigital art lioness puffy gator Digital Art Pompom Puffy Gatordigital art pompom puffy gator Digital Art Spring Puffy Gatordigital art spring puffy gator Digital Art Springtime Puffy Gatordigital art springtime puffy gator Digital Art Tiger Puffy Gatordigital art tiger puffy gator Digital Art Tiger Laugh Puffy Gatordigital art tiger laugh puffy gator

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