Doodle Art

25 Delightfully enduring surreal doodle artworks by Vince Okerman
Vince Okermann is a popular doodle artist and illustrator. He is popularly known as Vexx in the social media circles. He is Belgian artist and became quite popular for his doodle art in YouTube. He owns his own brand of clothing and accessories, with
Doodle Art by Tokyo Go Go
Doodle Art: Tokyo-Go-Go or Greg Darroll is an young graphic designer/illustrator from Durban, South Africa. He doodles for only one reason and that is to make people laugh. Greg uses vector graphics for creating his hilarious doodle art. Many of Tokyo-Go-Go's doodle art have found themselves as a t-shirt design. Greg Darroll graduated from the Durban University of Technology with a degree in Graphic design. Currently he is a freelance designer/illustrator and works with numerous international and national brands. He draws his...
Ornament Drawing by Asmahan A.B
Intricate ornament drawings by this Turkish artist is all set to bedazzle you. Asmahan A Mosleh is a beautiful turkish artist who enjoys spending hours together on intricate ornament drawings and designs. She draws inspiration from the Egyptian pharaohs and stories based on them. To create one ornament drawing she spends minimum 8 - 14 hrs. She uses a pen to first draw the sketches and slowly adds vibrant colors to her drawings. Most of her ornament drawings are glided with gold paints, to give a rich texture. She finishes her...
Doodle Art by Lady Meli
Lady Meli art is making art waves on the internet with her eye popping doodle art mandalas. Sometimes she uses only two or three basic colors, but the result is mind-blowing. The idea of hearts in different doodle art is quite inspiring. Broken hearts, fading hearts, bipolar heart and more. Sometimes she uses only one color for her doodle art and the fade out of the design makes it extraordinary. Bored with the regular mandalas, why not introduce beach themes and tropical themes to it? No matter what kind of doodle design she...

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