Color pencil drawings: Heather Rooney is a perfectionist and detailed american artist who creates these extra ordinary celebrity portraits using color pencils. She has posted many time lapse videos of...
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Hand drawing: Remember when we used to create some characters for stories, most of the characters used to have their hands inside the pocket or hidden out of view, that’s because people were sca...
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Dragon drawings: Dragons are mythical creatures which have found a prominent place in many stories and movies. The Chinese people celebrate their new year with their dragon shows, which is supposed to...
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Drawings: Oleg Gert is an illustrator from Russia. He has a keen interest in the modern society and its lifestyle trends and as a talented man with almost endless imagination this is reflected in...
Portrait drawing of self or other subjects is a tough task to master, but once you master the basic details, it’s quite thrilling to work on. First you need to draw the basic shape of the head w...
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Cartoon drawings are always fun to start with. Drawing cartoons can be a breeze if you know how to control the pressure on your pencils. Before you start cartoon drawings, practise curved lines, strai...
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Funny Drawings of Drogo by Manik & Ratan: Drogo is a pet dragon of twin cartoonist brothers Manik & Ratan from Bangladesh. I would say they were inspired by the movie "How to train your d...
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Pencil drawings: Do you love pencil drawings? Well you will be surprised to find a beautiful collection of pencil drawings for your inspiration. In this post we have included 25 Beautiful Pencil Drawi...
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Tree drawings are extremely easy to draw once you remember the basics. All trees are three dimensional and if you look at it closely during the day, one portion will be highlighted, one region will be...
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Doodle doesn't follow any specific guidelines, it's an art which resembles more like a scribbling or following the same patterns. All of us have done our share of doodles right from childhood....
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