Handcrafted Animals As Felting Sculptures By Russian Artist Yulia Derevschikova


Handcrafted Felting Sculptures By Yulia Derevschikova

Felting sculptures by Russian artist Yulia Derevschikova  are so stunningly realistic. The animals are so beautifully detailed, one can mistake them for real animals. Her needle felting sculpture characters is inspired from popular Disney movies. The little woodland creatures are so adorable making you want to pamper them all day long. The animals she chooses for her felting art are tiny animals like squirrels, rabbits, hedgehogs, baby deer, baby Llama and more. Since 2015, it's her passion in creating these tiny little animals and she has more than hundreds of these felting sculptures. She is open for commission work, so if you want to pamper one of these beautiful critters, get in touch through her social media profiles.

Felting Sculpture Animals Derevschikovafelting sculpture animals derevschikova Felting Sculpture Blackanimal Derevschikovafelting sculpture blackanimal derevschikova Felting Sculpture Cat Derevschikovafelting sculpture cat derevschikova Felting Sculpture Deer Derevschikovafelting sculpture deer derevschikova Felting Sculpture Fox Derevschikovafelting sculpture fox derevschikova Felting Sculpture Hedgehog Derevschikovafelting sculpture hedgehog derevschikova Felting Sculpture Llama Derevschikovafelting sculpture llama derevschikova Felting Sculpture Mouse Derevschikovafelting sculpture mouse derevschikova Felting Sculpture Unicorn Derevschikovafelting sculpture unicorn derevschikova Felting Sculpture Rabbit Derevschikovafelting sculpture rabbit derevschikova Felting Sculpture Squirrel Derevschikovafelting sculpture squirrel derevschikova Felting Sculpture Squirrels Derevschikovafelting sculpture squirrels derevschikova Felting Sculpture Squirrel Teddy Derevschikovafelting sculpture squirrel teddy derevschikova Felting Sculpture Squirrel Twins Derevschikovafelting sculpture squirrel twins derevschikova Felting Sculpture Teddybear Derevschikovafelting sculpture teddybear derevschikova

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