20 Creative And Funny Celebrity Caricature Drawings For Your Inspiration


Funny Celebrity Caricatures

Funny Celebrity Caricatures: Celebrity Caricatures are drawings with funny distortions of celebrities by over exaggerating their features. Any amateur celebrity caricature artist will try his/her hand at drawing funny caricatures of celebrities because it’s easier for people to recognize them and helps to promote their works. Celebrity caricatures are usually drawn by giving a small body for the subject followed by a large head. Many celebrities have some distinct feature, so you can over exaggerate them by giving extra thin chins or super big white teeth or large pouted lips. Make sure the costumes of the celebrities are something that people can relate to in common. In this post we included 20 Amazing and Funny Celebrity Caricatures for your inspiration.

Barack obama caricatures barack obama caricatures Jim carrey caricatures jim carrey caricatures Thom yorke celebrity caricatures thom yorke celebrity caricatures Barack caricatures barack caricatures Brad pitt caricatures dardesign brad pitt caricatures dardesign Michael jacksaon celebrity carticatures michael jacksaon celebrity carticatures Albert einstein celebrity caricatures albert einstein celebrity caricatures Wayne caricatures wayne caricatures Woman digital art woman digital art Jay caricatures jay caricatures Obama celebrity caricatures torren obama celebrity caricatures torren Jackie caricatures jackie caricatures Hugh laurie celebrity caricatures hugh laurie celebrity caricatures Ben caricatures ben caricatures Wolverine caricatures wolverine caricatures Tim burton celebrity caricatures tim burton celebrity caricatures Will smith mrpeculiar will smith mrpeculiar Funny obama caricatures funny obama caricatures Nicolas cage caricatures nicolas cage caricatures Ugly betty celebrity caricatures anthony ugly betty celebrity caricatures anthony


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