Stunning Hyper Photo-Realistic Paintings By USA Artist Nick Sider


Photorealistic Painting By Nick Sider

Nick Sider is quite popular for his hyper realistic paintings. He is a Brooklyn based artist, who enjoys his paintings immensely. Looking at his work, it's truly unbelievable that he is a self taught artist. Since the age of 5, he knew his favorite was art. At the age of 25, he taught himself how to paint, posted a couple of videos and after their success on the internet. He is internationally known for his hyper realistic paintings. His favourite subjects are wildlife animals, literally the predators. The wild animals look so calm and serene in his photo realistic paintings. According to his biography,"While experimenting with a multitude of subject matter, Sider has always maintained a hyper-realistic style, attempting to create paintings that extend beyond what a photograph could ever capture, ."my favorite moment while painting is when a subject on my canvas begins to come alive."  His main goal for his paintings is to use detail and color to create the illusion of life spawning from the canvas".

Painting Tiger Cub Nick Siderpainting tiger cub nick sider Painting Seated Tiger Nick Siderpainting seated tiger nick sider Painting Tiger Nick Siderpainting tiger nick sider Painting Horse Nick Siderpainting horse nick sider Painting Rhino Nick Siderpainting rhino nick sider Painting Bull Nick Siderpainting bull nick sider Painting Drip Lion Nick Siderpainting drip lion nick sider Painting Lion Mane Nick Siderpainting lion mane nick sider Painting Tiger Lion Nick Siderpainting tiger lion nick sider Painting Tigers Nick Siderpainting tigers nick sider Painting Tiger Canvas Nick Siderpainting tiger canvas nick sider Painting Lion Nick Siderpainting lion nick sider Painting Self Portrait Nick Siderpainting self portrait nick sider Painting Stare Nick Siderpainting stare nick sider Painting Woman Nick Siderpainting woman nick sider

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