20 Hyper Realistic Paintings and Drawing works by Peter Perlegas


Hyper realistic paintings by Peter Perlegas a Greek and American artist is quite the stunner. Peter's talent was recognized at a very young age of 10, since he received many awards and recognition to his name. He is a portrait painter and sculptor. He is well known for his heirloom quality oil portrait paintings of people. His paintings are so popular, people have tattooed themselves with his hyper realistic artworks. From time to time, Peter creates limited edition of oil paintings, acrylic paintings and sculptures (which is a quick seller), so if you are interested, checkout his website for more information.

Realistic Painting Warrior Peter Perlegasrealistic painting warrior peter perlegas Hyper Realistic Painting Mouth Snake Peter Perlegashyper realistic painting mouth snake peter perlegas Hyper Realistic Painting Lips Peter Perlegashyper realistic painting lips peter perlegas Hyper Realistic Painting Peter Perlegashyper realistic painting peter perlegas Hyper Realistic Painting His Airness Peter Perlegashyper realistic painting his airness peter perlegas Hyper Realistic Painting Roses Peter Perlegashyper realistic painting roses peter perlegas Hyper Realistic Painting Vintage Car Peter Perlegashyper realistic painting vintage car peter perlegas Realistic Painting Walter White Peter Perlegasrealistic painting walter white peter perlegas Hyper Realistic Painting Man Peter Perlegashyper realistic painting man peter perlegas Realistic Painting Avengers Peter Perlegasrealistic painting avengers peter perlegas Realistic Painting Assassins Creed Peter Perlegasrealistic painting assassins creed peter perlegas Realistic Drawing Peter Perlegasrealistic drawing peter perlegas Realistic Drawings Jesus Nazareth Peter Perlegasrealistic drawings jesus nazareth peter perlegas Realistic Drawing Dwayne Johnson Peter Perlegasrealistic drawing dwayne johnson peter perlegas Realistic Drawing Einstein Peter Perlegasrealistic drawing einstein peter perlegas Realistic Drawing Superman Peter Perlegasrealistic drawing superman peter perlegas Realistic Drawing Godfather De Niro Peter Perlegasrealistic drawing godfather de niro peter perlegas Realistic Drawing Godfather Peter Perlegasrealistic drawing godfather peter perlegas Realistic Drawing Thor Peter Perlegasrealistic drawing thor peter perlegas Realistic Drawing Man Peter Perlegasrealistic drawing man peter perlegas

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