16 Beautiful Ice Sculptures By Steve Brice For Your Inspiration


Ice Sculptures By Steve Brice

Ice Sculptures: Ice sculptures are usually created only by using dry ice. It’s a form of ice which doesn’t melt faster than the normal ones. Ice sculpture competitions are held in many cold countries to bring forth the brilliant creativity of the ice sculpture artists. Ice festivals are held for nearly a month in several countries during the coldest days of the year. Some of the festivals are held in December or January. I think Ice Sculptures have been for a long time ever since the ice snow man was created. Artists create intricate designs on ice and some of them are nine foot tall. It’s a pity such beautiful ice sculptures can’t be preserved forever, but we can preserve them by sharing their wonderful photographs. In this post we have added 25 Amazing and Award Winning Ice Sculptures from around the world for your inspiration.

Animal Ice Sculptures animal ice sculptures Bike Ice Sculptures bike ice sculptures Building Ice Sculptures building ice sculptures Dragon Ice Sculptures dragon ice sculptures Elephant Ice Sculptures elephant ice sculptures Eskimoice Ice Sculptures eskimoice ice sculptures Fish Ice Sculptures fish ice sculptures Flying Fish Ice Sculptures flying fish ice sculptures Lion King Ice Sculptures lion king ice sculptures Mosque Ice Sculptures mosque ice sculptures Motorcycle Ice Sculptures motorcycle ice sculptures Rabbit Ice Sculptures rabbit ice sculptures Soldier Ice Sculptures soldier ice sculptures Soldiers Ice Sculptures soldiers ice sculptures Studio Ice Sculptures studio ice sculptures Swan Ice Sculptures swan ice sculptures Temple Ice Sculptures temple ice sculptures

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