10 Beautiful Animal Ink Drawings By Japan Artist Kozue Oshima


Ink Drawings By Kozue Oshima

Ink drawings: Kozue Oshima is a popular artist from Kanagawa, Japan. She graduated from Tokyo Zokei University in the year 2002. Before she starts drawing, she always has the whole story and composition ready. How do you normally see a butterfly, they have pretty coloured wings and they are cute. This artist makes one part of the wings, transparent and you can see the rain bearing clouds and in the same butterfly, you can see peacock feather colours. It's simply mindblowing to blend colours and imagination, to create such beautiful ink drawings. She uses ink pens for most of her creations and yes they may seem unicolor, but they are simply interesting to the eyes. Enjoy the beautiful ink drawings by Kozue Oshima and stay amazed. Watch this space more often as we share the best artworks from around the world for your inspiration.

Butterfly Drawing By Kozuebutterfly drawing by kozue Cat Drawing By Kozuecat drawing by kozue Christmas Tree Drawing By Kozuechristmas tree drawing by kozue Owl Drawing By Kozueowl drawing by kozue Animal Drawing By Kozueanimal drawing by kozue Lion Drawing By Kozuelion drawing by kozue Fox Drawing By Kozuefox drawing by kozue Dolphin Drawing By Kozuedolphin drawing by kozue Fish Drawing By Kozuefish drawing by kozue

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