Street Art : Arthur Bordalo is an amazing Street Art painter. He uses exiting things like railways tracks, buildings, garages etc to create his fantastic Street Art. He uses mixed media to bring ...
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Funny Celebrity Caricatures: Celebrity Caricatures are drawings with funny distortions of celebrities by over exaggerating their features. Any amateur celebrity caricature artist will try his/her hand...
Street Art: If you walk down the streets, sometimes you come across great paintings on walls, well they are the street art created by amazing artists. Street art is done on large walls and sometimes t...
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Funny Caricatures are usually funny cartoons of people. It can be used for political or for entertainment purposes. Sometimes stories are created using caricatures which conveys a funny story. Ca...
Layer Paintings: Keng Lye is a Singapore based artist who specializes in Resin Layer Painting. All that you see below are layer paintings which use nothing but acrylic paint layered with cle...
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Wall art / wall Stickers adds more drama to your house interiors. Even a boring and simple wall can be transformed with amazing designs with help of wall art. Once you pick a wall art, make sure the r...
Mural Painting is done on larger canvas like the walls or ceilings. Mural painting was quite popular in ancient times as even now many churches and temples, have mural paintings on their ceilings, whi...
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Street Art works by Bordalo: In this post we have added 20 Street Art works Created with Recycled Materials by Bordalo for your inspiration. According to Bordalo's bio,"EN. Bordalo II present...
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Street Art works by Sean Yoro: Sean Yoro is also known as SUP artist and his street art workshave gone viral on the internet as he does his paintings while standing on surf board. Like any painting, m...
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